Fun curriculum based games and quizzes supporting children's learning at home!

On the computer, tablet and mobile phone.

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Build skills and proficiency in all subjects while having fun!

Squla is evidence that it is possible: Fun, educational learning in all subjects. Nearly a hundred thousand children are already practising at home with our online games and quizzes.

  • Interactive curriculum based quizzes and games
  • Intuitive and adaptive interface with enticing, child-friendly graphics
  • Developed together with teachers and gaming specialists
  • Parents can track their child's progress and motivate them along the way
  • Multiplayer games allow your child to play alone or against a friend

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Earn coins to receive rewards

For every correct answer given your child will earn coins. Exchange these coins for gifts and rewards.

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All subjects for all year groups

Practice all subjects from early years to KS2. The quizzes and games are curriculum based and compliment classroom learning.

Squla is an online educational program featuring fun, interactive custom content for early years through to KS2.

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We offer quizzes that are developed by educational experts and conform to the national curriculum attainment targets.

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Free parental account

Track your child’s progress, anytime, anywhere. View progress reports, time spent on each subject, skills practiced and more.

  • View progress reports
  • Adjust the difficulty level to suit your child
  • Send encouraging messages to your child to reward and motivate them

Testimonials from parents, teachers and children

Jay (11): "I play Squla every evening after dinner for half an hour. I find spelling a bit boring at school but with Squla every subject is fun- even spelling!”
Lianne (mum): “ With Squla’s help my daughter has improved her maths skills. A huge advantage for her is that she can work at her own tempo."
Mr. Brown (teacher): “When you make learning fun, children learn much more! This is reflected in their grades and, more importantly, children experience success and are having fun while learning on their individual level."

Children and teachers LOVE Squla

Play and learn at home in every subject for early years, KS1 and KS2.

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