Colouring pages and puzzles

Below you can download colouring pages and puzzles. Print one out and colour it in!

Here at Squla we love receiving your artwork. Do you want to send your colouring to us at Squla? Download your puzzle or colouring, colour it in and send it to us via E-mail or our Facebook-page.

Kleurplaten en puzzels

Autumn worksheet- join the dots

werkblad herfst sommen kleurplaat

We have a special Squla autumn worksheet for you.
Download the worksheet here.
Join the dots and colour it in in beautiful autumn colours.

 Autumn worksheet- colour in the sums

werkblad herfst sommen kleurplaat

Autumn is here and we have a special autumn worksheet especially for you.
Download the worksheet here
Solve the sums and colour in the picture.

Times tables chart. Tables from 1-10

Learn the tables with this handy chart. Easy to print out and hang up at home.

Times tables chart. Tables from 11-20

Download the times table chart for tables 11-20 here. Print it out and use it as a prompt to help with difficult multiplication sums.

Door hanger- in colour

Why not make this handy door hanger to let the whole family know when you are busy playing Squla.

Door hanger- to be coloured in

You can also colour in the cool Squla door hangeyourself.
Print this colouring page and make your own personalised door hanger.

Animal colouring page

Here is a picture of Q hiding among the animals for you to colour in.
Print the colouring page and colour it in using your favourite colours.

ABCD-cards to colour in

These fun ABCD cards can be cut out and coloured in Squla cards.

Easter puzzle

Easter join the dots colouring.
Join the dots from 1 – 83 and reveal the hidden animal.
When you are finished, colour it in.

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