Squla Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy of Squla explains the way in which cookies are placed via the website of SQULA (“Site”) and information is read from your computer and/or tablet ( “Device”). This Cookie Policy also sets out for which purposes this collected information is used. Please read this Cookie Policy carefully.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small fragments of (text) data which during the visit to the Site are sent to your browser and subsequently stored on the hard disk or the memory of the Device. The browser can send this information back to the Site on a next visit.


Which cookies does Squla use and for what purpose?

SQULA’s cookies

This section relates to the cookies placed and read by SQULA itself. Only SQULA has access to these cookies and the information collected by means of the cookie. No third parties are involved in the placement and the reading of these so-called first party cookies.
SQULA initially places functional cookies. These cookies are required to be able to carry out a service you have requested. For instance, functional cookies ensure that after logging into the Site, you do not have to login again for every page and that you are able to play on SQULA (if we are not able to remember who you are, we cannot allocate scores to your profile after playing a quiz for example).
SQULA also places cookies which remain on your Device for a longer period. On the basis of these so-called permanent cookies, your Device is recognised on a next visit to the Site. These cookies offer SQULA the option to present you with the Site that has been adjusted to your specific preferences. Because your preferences have already been set, when you pay a next visit to the Site you save time and your use is smoother.

Third-party cookies

Besides the cookies placed by SQULA, cookies are also placed on your Device via the Site by third parties. This section relates to these so-called third party cookies. SQULA has no control or authority over the use of these cookies and/or the use that third parties make of the information collected by means of the cookies. SQULA only provides the platform which makes the placement of these third party cookies possible. SQULA points out that the use of the collected data can be subject to further conditions of the third parties. Below it is set out which kind of third party cookies are placed via the Site.


Third parties place cookies on your Device on behalf of SQULA to be able to show you a SQULA banner when you subsequently visit a different Site (this is referred to as “retargeting”).

Google Analytics

To collect web statistics on the use of and visits to the Site, SQULA uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics places a permanent cookie on your Device which records your use of the Site. This data is subsequently analysed by Google and the results are submitted to SQULA. In this way SQULA obtains insight into the manner in which the Site is used and can on the basis of this data make changes to the Site or its service provision.
Google can provide this information to third parties if it is legally obliged to do so and/or if third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Google cannot use the information for other Google services.

Removing cookies

You can at all times withdraw the permission you have given to SQULA for the placement and reading of first and third party cookies by setting your browser so that it does not accept cookies and/or by removing all previously placed cookies in your browser. Consult the ‘help’ function of your browser to see how you can remove cookies. In addition, you can refuse most cookies placed during the use of SQULA both individually and collectively via http://www.youronlinechoices.com/uk. You can also see which of the cookies referred to are active on your browser and it is explained for each browser how you can remove cookies already placed on your browser.
You must take into account that the removal of cookies can mean that particular parts of SQULA will no longer work, or not work properly.
Please note: the refusal and removal of cookies only has consequences for the computer and the browser on which you carry out this action. If you use several computers and/or browsers, you must therefore repeat the above action(s) as often as necessary. If you want to use cookies, make sure you log out if you leave a public computer. Keep your password confidential to prevent others being able to use your SQULA account without your consent.

Privacy statement

Information collected by means of a cookie might contain personal data. If this is the case, the Privacy Policy of SQULA also applies to the processing of this personal data: this statement can be viewed here.


This Cookie Policy will be updated from time to time. Changes to this Cookie Policy will be notified via the Site. This Cookie Policy was last updated on 29 December 2016.


If you have any questions relating to this Cookie Policy, please send an email to privacy@squla.co.uk