Teachers can use Squla for free at school

Use Squla in the classroom in your own way.
A great classroom resource to support learning and development.

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Fun curriculum based quizzes for in the classroom

Squla supports learning and development in the classroom in a fun, imaginative way. Squla is always free for use in the classroom.

  • Allows students to practice at their own level
  • Enhances and supports the national curriculum
  • Developed by gaming experts and teachers
  • Works on all computers, interactive whiteboards and smartboards
  • Classroom resources to support learning and development

All subjects for early years through to KS2

Practice all subjects for early years through to KS2. The quizzes from Squla enhance and support the national curriculum complementing existing classroom lesson materials.

A fun educational program featuring every classroom subject for early years through to KS2

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Monitor students progress

As a teacher you can monitor students progress as they play Squla in the class.

  • Adjust the practice level per student
  • Squla in the classroom is free. We promise there are no hidden costs.
  • Results per student in a progress report.


We offer quizzes that are developed by educational experts and conform to the national curriculum attainment targets.

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Testimonials from students, parents and teachers

Emily (9 ): "I love Squla and I think I learn a lot from it. I really like the funny images and pictures that are next to the quizzes and games!"
Marie (mum): "Squla ensures that children have educational screen time- also in the holidays. The material compliments what the children do in the classroom making it educational and fun”
Mrs Vanson (teacher): " If learning feels like fun and children feel they are discovering exciting, new things then learning occurs naturally! Squla helps children learn in the classroom in a fun way."

Resources for teachers

Do you want to print Squla’s handy ABCD cards or would you rather use them on the interactive white board with the whole class? Perhaps you are interested in sending the Squla information leaflet to parents to let them know about the exciting new addition to the classroom.

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